Keeping it green. Keeping it lean

We are GREEN. Our aim is to be socially, ethically and environmentally responsible in all that we do. We print all of our educational print on paper which is fully FSC or PEFC approved. That means all that we use comes from fully sustainable forests.

We are LEAN. We continually strive to minimise waste (especially that sent to landfill) and to reduce our carbon footprint. We also, use state of the art machinery to ensure that everything is produced as efficiently as possible.


Trees make books. Books make trees

Because of the large quantities of print we produce, it is inevitable that we use an awful lot of paper. However, we take our environmental credentials VERY seriously and, to illustrate this, we are signed up to the "Woodland CARBON" scheme run by the Woodland Trust.

We pay an amount of money into the scheme for every sheet of paper we purchase. At six monthly intervals that money is paid to the Woodland Trust. They then plant trees on our behalf to offset the carbon emissions we have created in our production process. Ensuring the environmental impact of what we do is reduced to the absolute minimum.

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